Insurance Hold Harmless Agreement Template

Insurance Hold Harmless Agreement Template: A Comprehensive Guide

An insurance hold harmless agreement is a legal contract that protects one party from liability. The agreement is often used in situations where one party asks another to provide services or perform a task. If the task results in harm or damage, the hold harmless agreement ensures that the party providing the service or performing the task is not held liable.

If you need to create an insurance hold harmless agreement, there are many templates available online. These templates can save you time and ensure that your agreement is legally sound. In this article, we will explore the different components of an insurance hold harmless agreement template.

Introduction and Definitions

The first section of your insurance hold harmless agreement template should include an introduction and definitions section. This section should provide a clear overview of the agreement, including the parties involved and the purpose of the agreement.

The definitions section should define key terms used throughout the agreement. It is important to ensure that all terms are clearly defined to avoid confusion or ambiguity later on.

Scope of Agreement

The next section of the template should outline the scope of the agreement. This section should clearly define what is covered and what is not covered by the agreement. The scope of the agreement should be as specific as possible to ensure that both parties understand the extent of their liability.


The indemnification section of the template is perhaps the most important. This section outlines the terms under which one party agrees to protect the other party from any liability. The indemnification section should include:

– A clear statement of the duty to indemnify

– The scope of the duty to indemnify (e.g., all costs, damages, and expenses)

– Conditions for indemnification (e.g., the harm must be caused by the indemnifying party`s actions or omissions)

– A statement of the maximum amount of liability covered by the indemnity

Insurance Requirements

The next section of the template should outline the insurance requirements for both parties. This section should specify the type of insurance required, the minimum amount of coverage, and any specific coverage requirements.

Waiver of Subrogation

The waiver of subrogation section is another important component of the template. This section specifies that both parties waive their right to sue each other for any harm or damage covered by the agreement.


The termination section of the template should outline the circumstances under which the agreement may be terminated. This section should also specify the notice required for termination.

Governing Law

The governing law section of the template should specify the laws that govern the agreement. This section is important because it ensures that both parties are subject to the same legal framework.


In conclusion, an insurance hold harmless agreement template is an essential tool for protecting your business from liability. When creating your template, be sure to include an introduction and definitions section, a scope of agreement section, an indemnification section, insurance requirements, a waiver of subrogation section, a termination section, and a governing law section. With a well-crafted template, you can ensure that your business is protected from liability in any situation.